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SIL2 & PLd certified encoders  to simplify certification  process of machine

SIL2 & PLd certified encoders to simplify certification process of machine

June 9, 2022 6:16 pm

Data from the encoder with advanced diagnostic system, enables adjustments of factors that otherwise would reduce lifetime of the machine as a whole.

Deenar Patil, Manager, Application Sales-Customer Support Leine & Linde India explains to OEM Update, how to conveniently install and work with functional safety encoders.


Industry 4.0/ 5.0 to optimize production in the current scenario 

Leine & Linde is ready with industry 4.0/5.0 production lines. Leine & Linde has already launched products with Advanced Diagnostics System (ADS) features which are in line with the industry demand. The products are proven in various industries such as paper, steel, wind mill, and others since many years. Encoders with ADS versions such ADS uptime & Online are available.


Role of Heavy Duty encoders in enhancing functional safety 

Leine & Linde heavy duty encoder solutions have extremely high durability and accuracy, which make them the most suitable components for functional safety systems.

Functional safety encoders for motors and drives applications, cranes and hoists, wind turbines, and other automation applications are available for demanding environments. SIL2- and PLd- certified, robust and reliable encoders from Leine & Linde are developed in close cooperation with users. By choosing a certified encoder you will simplify the certification process of your machine. Leine & Linde’s deep knowledge about how to conveniently install and work with functional safety encoders becomes evident in the company’s different models, adaptation possibilities and solutions that can be offered.


Condition monitoring functionalities in encoders enable predictive maintenance and problem-free operation time 

By providing relevant diagnostics, encoders today are so much more than just encoders. With their condition monitoring functionalities, they enable predictive maintenance and problemfree operation time. All efforts to reduce operational downtime shows clearly on the bottom line. Equipment and machinery parts simply cannot be allowed to fail.

Encoders can be equipped with diagnostic functions to ensure their operating time. They can also provide relevant information about potential sources of failure, which otherwise would risk affecting the production unit as a whole. The placement of the encoder, on the motor or drive shaft, or by some other strategically important moving part, makes it well suited to collect operational and environmental parameters of importance, like vibrations and temperature variations. Leine & Linde’s built-in condition monitoring solutions make it possible to pinpoint potential sources of failure before problems occur. ADS solutions will naturally simplify the move from preventive to predictive maintenance. Furthermore, this helps companies to start practising proactive maintenance since data from the encoder enables adjustments of factors that otherwise would reduce lifetime of the equipment. Problems could be identified and sorted out early and production downtime is significantly reduced. Alarms can be set by the customers’ requirements. Analyse graphs to compare deviations or changes and react to the trends. Moreover, get reports and be able to forestall potential problems.


Incremental encoders simplify control and reduce the complexity of a system 

Today’s machines are more complex. The motions are needed to be monitored in order to achieve full process control. To meet the increasing demands a series of high quality pulses is generated by incremental encoders in response to a linear or rotary motion based on high quality scanning incorporate measuring standards of periodic structures known as, graduation characterized by a high definition and homogeneity of the line edges. Together with the scanning method, this high edge definition is a precondition for the high quality and accuracy of the output signals which enables speed feedback.


Leine & Linde encoders are durable and accurate

 Leine & Linde is a specialist of solutions in harsh environments. The best encoders and sensors are those you never have to think about! Those that simply do their job – year after year. Leine & Linde develops and manufactures customized encoder and sensor solutions for demanding environments, advanced measuring systems for accurate feedback of speed, position or strain. Leine & Linde encoders are known for their ability to withstand shock, vibration, heat, dust, dirt, temperature fluctuations and other impact from mechanical forces. Leine & Linde encoders have robust cover with ingress protection class IP7 against dust and liquids. Robust electronics are verified for high vibrations and extreme temperatures. Short-circuit protection and polarity protection is standard. High accuracy code discs are verified for powerful shocks and vibration.

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