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Metering high temperature fluids with oval wheel flow transmitter

Metering high temperature fluids with oval wheel flow transmitter

November 12, 2016 11:39 am

Molten sulfur, bitumen, pitch, paint resins and liquid toffee are just a few of the fluids transported at high temperature. Their fluid properties change wildly with small variations in temperature, which presents a problem for most metering technologies, while the oval wheel flowmeter is perfect for such measurements.

Also, in measuring these fluids it’s important to maintain their thermal inertia:
• Loss of heat in the fluid can be expensive to restore
• Fluid properties change dramatically and affect the process performance
• Even slight cooling can cause the fluid to stick to the walls, precipitate or bind together.

Here’s how oval wheel meters are direct volume meters.

Their measuring element consists of two toothed precision oval wheels, which are driven by the liquid and roll around each other. This allows a defined quantity of liquid to pass through the meter per each revolution of the oval wheel pair.

The control of the quantities of liquid products in the mineral oil industry and in the chemical and petrochemical industry requires volume-measuring instruments, which are adjusted to the special operating conditions and characteristics of the transported materials being measured both with respect to design and materials used.

Oval wheel meters of the OAP series meet these requirements. They are used for measuring liquid raw, intermediate and finished products such as liquified gases, gasolines, heating oils, lubricating oils, transmission oils, solvents, bitumen, alkaline solutions, acids and other chemical liquids.

The OAP series oval wheel meters are employed for the filling of tank trucks, rail tank cars and tanker ships, in pipeline operations and the process technology for the determination of balance sheets of materials such as heating oil consumption and the control of burners etc.

Due to the high measuring accuracy and operational safety, oval wheel meters from this series are preferred for employment in clearing transactions in the customs area and where calibration is required. The rotational movement of the oval wheels is transmitted to a mechanical meter by means of a magnet coupling and gear unit. The meter displays the liquid flow quantities in the units of volume including liters, cubic meters and gallons

Allowable temperature of material being measured depending on the model (-) 140 C to (+) 290 C.


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