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Laser Technology poses excellent potential with the rise of the EV 

Laser Technology poses excellent potential with the rise of the EV 

September 30, 2023 7:22 pm

Rajesh Sharma, General Manager at IPG Photonics India, discussed the global presence of IPG in the laser world and the potential it holds with the increasing demand in the automotive sector.

Can you provide an overview of the products offered by IPG Photonics?
IPG Photonics boasts an extensive product lineup spanning lasers, laser accessories, optics, and complete laser systems. Our laser offerings cover the entire spectrum, featuring diverse wavelengths, beam qualities, and power levels to cater to a broad range of applications. IPG manufactures nearly 95% of the consumables, including fibres and other accessories, in-house. In addition, all other accessories are also produced by IPG themselves.

What latest innovations have IPG Technology accomplished in the field of laser technology?
In laser technology, significant recent advancements have been achieved through dedicated efforts in laser development, a core competency for us. These innovations include the creation of AMB lasers with dual beams, enabling seamless, spatter-free operations in welding applications. Furthermore, we’ve successfully scaled up laser power across various applications, achieving outputs of up to 100 kilowatts. Additionally, we’ve developed amplifiers with power capabilities of two to three kilowatts, primarily serving defence and diverse aerospace applications.

What are IPG Photonics’ key focuses in laser welding, especially in the automotive and EV sectors?
Our primary focus is on a significant industry sector for laser welding manufacturing, with a particular emphasis on the automotive and EV sectors, which account for a substantial portion of welding applications. In this context, we offer comprehensive welding solutions that align with the latest technological trends. Our AMB lasers, featuring adjustable mode beams, are at the forefront of this technology.

Moreover, we have a new in-line weld monitoring system called LDD700 (Laser Depth Dynamics). This cutting-edge product enables real-time measurement of welding penetration depth at five critical checkpoints, ensuring utmost precision. It safeguards against any welding errors and allows for precise control of welding components when integrated with CNC systems and operational adjustments. Our latest innovation in in-line monitoring technology ensures seamless operations within the EV sector. Additionally, we offer the ILWS (Integrated Laser Welding system), designed explicitly for hairpin welding applications in E-Mobility, further enhancing our comprehensive welding solutions.

Please share the global presence of IPG Photonics, manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to innovation and customer support.
We have a global presence as a publicly-traded company listed on NASDAQ, boasting a workforce exceeding 6,000 employees worldwide. Our manufacturing footprint extends to Germany, the United States, Italy, and Russia. Notably, our manufacturing operations are fully self-contained, with in-house processes, and 95 percent of our components are produced internally. Each of our facilities operates independently in terms of raw material procurement.

In addition to our robust manufacturing capabilities, we oversee comprehensive product development through a network of nearly 27 application centres worldwide, underscoring our global presence and commitment to innovation and customer support.

What strategies are being employed to foster innovation, scalability, and partnerships in these industries?
Our primary strength lies in the EV and automotive sectors, and these industries are at the forefront of our focus. Our recent innovations, including AMB, LDD, and ILWS, are primarily tailored for EV applications, encompassing battery welding and hairpin welding. In the automotive sector, we extend our expertise to applications such as body-in-line and exhaust system gear welding. 

Recognising the immense potential of EVs as the future of transportation, we are committed to continuous innovation in this field. On a global scale, IPG has expanded its capabilities through strategic acquisitions, such as Genesis, enabling us to provide comprehensive solutions. We aim to nurture our integrators, empowering them to develop superior solutions for the EV and automotive industries. IPG is dedicated to ongoing innovation and steadfast support in these pivotal sectors.

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