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Your future advertising space? Our media data

ABB survey reveals unplanned downtime costs INR 7 million per hour

ABB’s ‘Value of Reliability’ survey highlights the impact of unplanned downtime on Indian industrial businesses, revealing a substantial cost and a call for outcome-based maintenance strategies. According to the new…

Life cycle assessment of MWF systems

The case study highlights the use of HYCUT in metalworking, leading to a significantly lower environmental impact than a conventional, mineral oil-based coolant system used for the same purpose. Internal…

A new packaging line for insulation panels 

Steinbacher Dämmstoff GmbH in Austria has installed a new packaging line for PU insulation panels. A RoRoStretchPack solution has replaced two packaging lines for packaging multiple panel sizes. Improved 6-sided…

Innovative, pioneering measures to retrieve river water for the dairy industry

Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions has revolutionised the South Asian dairy industry’s water management approach. The company has successfully conserved precious groundwater resources while prioritising environmental sustainability by deploying an…


eMagazine November 2023

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ZEISS eMobility solutions for Li-ion cells failure analysis

Battery inspection solutions have become a critical aspect of the battery industry in recent years. As batteries are used in various applications, such as electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and…

Engineered to deliver, enhanced by VERICUT

The article highlights SPC also uses VERICUT to manage production capacity at the facility. The log and run-time estimation output by VERICUT allows SPC to review better and optimise the…

Recognising the significance of routine maintenance for electrical switchgear

Switchgears are critical in ensuring the safety of electrical equipment, operators, and maintenance personnel. Electricity has become an integral aspect of our everyday lives, powering a wide array of devices…

Your future advertising space? Our media data


eMagazine November 2023

Your future advertising space? Our media data

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