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VEGA’s dependable level and pressure technology for hygiene-sensitive industries

VEGA’s dependable level and pressure technology for hygiene-sensitive industries

October 7, 2020 4:31 pm

A Comprehensive Portfolio VEGA has been making a significant contribution to safety and efficiency in the food and pharmaceutical industries for over six decades. With the addition of compact new pressure transmitters in VEGABAR series and point levelswitches in VEGAPOINT series, VEGA became a true full-range supplier for hygiene applications.

Standard applications, in particular can be automated very economically with these new pressure sensors and level switches. Integration into the system as well as adjustment are especially easy to carry out. They have been designed according to the principles of hygienic design. And, more importantly, they deliver reliable and accurate measurement.

Instruments with standard design
New devices have been designed in such a way that an uniform hygiene adapter system is compatible with them. It can therefore not only be selected according to individual needs, but also adapted to local requirements. All the new instruments are built to withstand intense CIP and SIP processes. These sensors have reliably protected seals, all-metal housing and media-contacting surfaces with a low surface roughness.

Designed to withstand CIP and SIP processes
CIP cleaning is one of the most time-consuming process steps. It requires components whose geometry does not allow microorganisms to collect in dead spaces and which are also capable of withstanding the cleaning and sterilization processes themselves. Food and Pharmaceutical industries deal with different kinds of media like aromatic, aggressive, volatile oils etc., that can harm measuring instruments that come in contact. However, the new VEGABAR and VEGAPOINT instrument series are resistant to such effects. They are also tolerant to high temperatures and show no impact on the measuring value.

Bringing Colour in to view
For safety and efficiency of the processes, good visibility is very important. To ensure that the status of a process can be recognized at a glance from as far away as possible and from any direction, the new VEGABAR and VEGAPOINT sensors have an illuminated ring. The colour of the illuminated ring can be freely selected from 256 different colours, giving an option to select colours per the environmental needs. With this luminous advantage, the user can easily recognize if measurement is taking place, if the sensor is switching or if there is a possible malfunction in the process.

Wireless communication with Bluetooth and safety with IO-Link
Wireless adjustments of these new sensors allows parametrisation, display and diagnostic from a distance. This especially helps in accessing processes taking place in clean rooms, hard-to-reach places thereby user can conveniently monitor processes at easy. Besides, the manufacturer-independent, standard communication IO Link tool makes it easy for the user to parameterised or cost-effectively install sensors. In case of sensor replacement, the new sensors can be made operational quickly and without the risk of errors with IO technology. This means that the instruments have a universal communication platform that enables seamless data transfer and simple integration into the control system

With all these advantages, these new sensors are perfect fit for the simple applications in food and pharmaceutical industries, which nevertheless require high quality.

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