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Growing demand for UPS and Energy Storage Systems in India

Growing demand for UPS and Energy Storage Systems in India

July 3, 2023 5:18 pm

PROSTARM has established itself as a comprehensive power solutions provider in power electronics. The company offers efficient, dependable, and affordable power storage solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries.

In the present era of digitalisation, electronic devices and technology play a crucial role for businesses and consumers alike. The consequences of power interruptions or outages can lead to substantial financial losses, data corruption, and disruptions in operations. The market’s growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for uninterrupted power conditioning and backup solutions in commercial and industrial sectors, driven by the country’s expanding digitisation efforts.

Furthermore, the government’s plans to improve power for the development of smart cities across the country will drive future demand for UPS systems and Energy Storage Systems. Furthermore, the government’s increased emphasis on Atmanirbar Bharat, Made in India campaign, digitisation, and other initiatives will likely drive growth in the country’s UPS and Energy Storage Systems markets. The growing demand for reliable power is a major driver for the UPS market.

Growth drivers for UPS

PROSTARM has emerged as a single-point provider of power solutions in the power electronics segment. It brings clean, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective Power Storage solutions across businesses of every size and sector. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) device provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level. It protects the devices from critical loads from utility-supplied power problems, such as fluctuations and power outages, brownouts, spikes, etc.

Growing demand from varied sectors such as IT and IT enabled services (ITeS); banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI); government, manufacturing, healthcare, Oil & Gas defence, aviation, telecommunications, and energy is driving the UPS market in India. Even the growing installations of high-end electronic equipment and machinery in industrial settings are predicted to drive demand for high-end UPS. Furthermore, rising IT/ITES sector penetration in the country’s Tier II and Tier III cities is expected to drive demand for UPS systems in the future. As a result, the Indian UPS market will likely increase by double digits in the future.

The UPS Systems of PROSTARM comprise Line Interactive UPS (1- 5kVA), Online Active PFC UPS (1-120 kVA), Online UPS with Inbuilt IT (5-120 kVA), Online UPS with IGBT Rectifier (80-500 kVA), Industrial UPS (10-800 kVA), Modular UPS (25-500 kVA), UPS for Outdoor applications (1-20kVA), and so on. Company also offers Servo-Controlled Voltage Stabilisers (both air & oil cooled) 1-500 kVA. Further, as a step forward, the company has been striving to build in and focus on Green Energy, including Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Under the domain of Green Energy, we are providing Solar Hybrid Inverters and Solar PV Power Plant Solutions. We undertake EPC Contracts. The next-generation requirement for an efficient and clean source of power is Lithium. PROSTARM is successfully providing Lithium-Ion Based power solutions to critical industry segments. 

The solutions offer enhanced reliability, emphasising the reliability and robustness of the UPS system. Highlight features such as advanced battery management, high-quality components, and fault-tolerant designs that ensure uninterrupted power supply and protection for critical equipment.

Scalability and flexibility

PROSTARM presents UPS systems that are versatile and adjustable to accommodate diverse power demands. Their modular UPS solutions enable effortless scalability and capacity expansion as the power requirements of end-users increase. Furthermore, PROSTARM provides installation flexibility, allowing users to choose between rack-mounted or standalone systems based on personal preferences and space constraints.

Notably, the company emphasises features such as efficient power conversion, power factor correction, and intelligent energy management capabilities. This highlights the growing significance of energy efficiency for end-users who seek to reduce their environmental footprint and optimise energy consumption. Furthermore, the company offers customisation options to meet specific end-user requirements. This can include customising UPS system parameters and form factors or integrate with specific applications or equipment. Providing tailored solutions demonstrates a commitment to addressing unique needs and delivering optimal performance.

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