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PLI schemes help to  produce complex parts for  additive manufacturing

PLI schemes help to produce complex parts for additive manufacturing

June 14, 2022 12:19 pm

Industry is moving from standard room to at-line inspection to In-line Inspection, which helps to reduce the measurement cycle time.


Expressing his views with OEM Update, Sachin Pawar, Head of Applications & Software Testing, Carl Zeiss India says, we are strongly convinced, in-line solution is most important factor to improve the productivity in production environment.

How will Industry 4.0/ 5.0 optimize production in the current scenario when digitization is in vogue?  

Industry 4.0/5.0 will definitely optimize production with limited manpower, better quality products and customized solutions. This will help the industry to have a more customer centric approach, as industry is able to provide cost effective solution as per customer specific requirements. There are different digital solutions available now in the markets which are supporting Industry to optimize the production and improve the productivity. From ZEISS, we have our Pi-web software solution which will support industry to move towards paperless shopfloor with live data monitoring system, which is helping to analyze and control the process quicker way.

PLI leveraging use of AI, IIoT, and additive manufacturing to ramp up production  

Government is focusing on new emerging technology like AI & IIoT which is key factory for Industry 4.0/5.0 revolution hence they are announcing more PLI schemes. PLI schemes definitely support local industry to work with big global players and understand new technology, optimize the production, manufacturing better quality products and creating new job opportunities.

Additive manufacturing is growing field, which is helping to explore new alternative production process with different materials and in a cost effective way, with high productivity. In next couple of years additive manufacturing will ramp up the production in different areas, where we as a ZEISS are working with different customers to support and provide lot of microscopy and X-ray measurement solution. PLI scheme for additive manufacturing will help to produce complex in the in the most cost effective way and will support to save lot of import cost for the the Government.

Zeiss encourages 3D inline Inspection in the production cycle in automotive sector  

Industry is moving from standard room to at-line inspection to In-line Inspection, which helps to reduce the measurement cycle time and improve the productivity. We are strongly convinced in-line solution is most important factor to improve the productivity in production environment. We are pioneer in standard metrology field and experts in powertrain, car body measurement area, which helps to encourage/ convince industry to move from traditional, standard room measurement concept to inline measurement. We have wide variety of portfolio for 3D inline measurement which support to measure critical parameters in few seconds and give feedback to production process which is helpful to detect the defect at an early stage; and also correct the process in a much quicker way which will help to reduce the rejection and improve the productivity. We have customized automated solution which are implemented in the production environment conditions and are helping the industry for better utilization of measurement instruments.


Especially for large parts, assemblies or mounted car bodies, how can one ensure maximum precision in the measuring room?

Precise measurement can be ensured with good accuracy, repeatability and measuring instrument along with Skilled Manpower. AUKOM Metrologist is very good certified program to improve metrologist knowledge and guide how to handle precise measurement. ZEISS developed special COOKBOOK with the help from Global Application team members which guides the users to follow certain measurement methods and helps them to get accurate & repeatable results. Most of our Application Engineers are certified as an AUKOM Metrologist along with measurement software experts, who understand the total measurement conditions and also train the industry user as per Global standard.

Could you elaborate about the Zeiss Carfit Fixtures?  

The CARFIT® system is a modular fixturing system to design and manufacture – Holding fixtures, checking gauges and supporting the measuring equipment for the quality assurance within the automobile and aerospace industry. The CARFIT® system is mainly applicable in the Body-in[1]White (sheet metal parts and assembly groups) and with interior and exterior parts (plastic single parts and assembly groups).

The CARFIT® system is supplied to OEM`s (passenger cars, trucks, tractors) as well as automobile suppliers (Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.). Based on CARFIT® standard components and CARFIT® standard production processes, customized fixtures and Meisterbock systems are manufactured according to customer requirements. The customer now has increased their focus and importance on customized fixtures. They provide us with the information and data that we need to consider for the manufacturing of the corresponding fixture, for their application. We have standardized diversification of different variants, right from holding fixtures to checking gauges and cubing parts with SPC points.

The CARFIT® customized solutions Meisterbock plays very import role, to simulate welding process in BIW area helps the industry industry to improve the process before releasing a new car in the market. All CARFIT® standard components are available as a 3D design library (e. g. Catia, NX) and are in stock at CARFIT® production and service sites. CARFIT® kit systems consist of standard components entirely. Generally, they are sold as standard configuration. The customer can build measuring and holding fixtures with the kit systems himself. However, it is also possible to create customer specific kit systems which matches the special requirements of his application.

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