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ZEISS adapts solutions beyond the automobile industry

ZEISS adapts solutions beyond the automobile industry

July 1, 2023 11:16 am

While discussing industrial quality solutions, Manoj Sundaram mentions that ZEISS is a leading industrial quality solutions company serving the automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer electronics industries. With a focus on research and development, they drive advancements and utilise exhibitions like ACMEE to establish valuable connections and fuel business growth.

How has ZEISS adapted its industrial quality solutions to meet the evolving needs of sectors beyond the automotive industry?

We have been supporting the automotive auto component industry for a significant period, which has been our main focus. However, the industrial quality solutions field has been expanding to encompass various sectors such as aerospace, medical, consumer electronics, and the emerging sector of New Energy vehicles, specifically lithium batteries, electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles. As a result, customer expectations are evolving, and we have adjusted our solutions to meet these changing needs and continue supporting our customers effectively.

How do you provide comprehensive support for industries manufacturing electric components, electric vehicles, aerospace parts, and mass-produced components?

In the past decade, hardware played a significant role, but recently, software has gained prominence and become a crucial consideration for customers when purchasing decisions. It is important for customers to carefully evaluate the software solutions, including development updates, that will ensure the smooth operation of their machines and systems. We have introduced the Zeiss Quality Suite, a new software group that encompasses all our solutions to address this need. Whether it is manufacturing electric components, electric vehicles, or aerospace parts, this software suite will provide comprehensive support. We are excited to engage with our customers and provide them with the necessary tools through the Zeiss Quality Suite.

In software, we offer a valuable tool called PiWeb, a data analytics and measurement data collection tool. This tool is highly beneficial for industries engaged in the mass production of components. Nowadays, end customers require traceability of components, often involving numerous associated measurements. Our exceptional quality software, PiWeb, enables customers to connect various manufacturing locations and gain insights into their manufacturing processes. It allows them to monitor quality processes and analyse data comfortably from their office settings.

What trends are emerging in the machine tool industry?

In the machine tool industry, there is a significant focus on high-speed production and measurements on the shop floor. Autodesk data collection plays a crucial role in this process. While traditionally, components were considered identical in production, the reality is that each component is unique once measurements are taken. In the IoT era, accessing measurement data for every component is essential for understanding trends. As a result, the machine tool industry is experiencing a surge that machine tools and metrology machines need to accommodate. We are actively contributing to this effort, and it is becoming a collective effort across industries to achieve what is known as bespoke manufacturing. Whether it’s producing one component or a million components, traceability data and measurements are vital. Consequently, there is a growing emphasis on gathering more measurements, collecting extensive data, and conducting trend analysis in this industry.

How do ZEISS’s solutions and collaborative quality approach support the “Make in India” initiative and meet diverse customer measurement needs?

Our company offers a range of solutions, including the Quality Suite, X-ray businesses, and state-of-the-art Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). We have a strong presence in the industry and are deeply ingrained in the minds of our customers. Our CMM facility in Bommasandra is contributing to the “Make in India” initiative, emphasising the importance of localised measurement capabilities. We are committed to providing high-quality measurements, whether measuring nanometers or meters. From measuring car bodies to lithium dendrites, we have the expertise to meet diverse measurement needs. Our dedication to research and development ensures the introduction of new products to enhance our offerings continually.

Additionally, the current theme of our events at ZEISS is “Mastering Quality Together.” This theme emphasises the importance of not only achieving mastery in quality but doing so collaboratively. It goes beyond having superior products or software; it revolves around understanding and fulfilling our customers’ specific requirements and needs. The theme reflects our commitment to working hand-in-hand with our customers to achieve excellence in quality.

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