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MachineXT: Transforming India’s machine tools segment with advanced lubricant management solutions

MachineXT: Transforming India’s machine tools segment with advanced lubricant management solutions

August 4, 2023 3:58 pm

In the world of machinery and equipment, regular servicing and using high-quality lubricants are paramount for achieving peak performance. These essential practices safeguard machines by minimising friction, dissipating heat, and protecting against wear and tear. This report delves into the critical role that quality lubricants play in ensuring the efficient functioning of various mechanical systems.

India’s machine tools segment is witnessing promising growth. Its market size is estimated at USD 100.63 billion in 2023, and is expected to reach USD 116.19 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 2.92 percent during the forecast period (2023-2028). With promising growth, the machine tool segment in India encompasses a wide range of equipment, thereby necessitating use of superior lubrication solutions, timely servicing and upkeep for unhindered operations.

Despite its potential, the machine tools segment encounters some challenges in adoption of technology. The increasing complexity of equipment too demands skilled operators who can effectively operate and maintain these advanced tools. Workshop operators encounter their own set of challenges, including inadequate maintenance practices, inefficient lubricant management, and suboptimal machine health. These factors contribute to reduced performance, increased downtime, and higher maintenance costs. Overcoming these challenges requires comprehensive solutions that address the specific needs of operators.

Maintaining machines through regular servicing and proper lubrication is vital for optimal performance. Quality lubricants play an imperative role in preserving machine health by reducing friction, dissipating heat, preventing wear and tear, and ensuring efficient functioning. To address such issues, Mobil™ has developed MachineXT, a ground-breaking initiative that revolutionises lubricant management services and transforms the machine tool segment.

High-performance cleaner lubricants for extended productivity
Based on a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by the machine tool segment, Mobil has developed MachineXT– a remarkable transformation in managing equipment performance with state-of-the-art mobile filtration services. MachineXT offers tailor-made solutions that will unlock unparalleled productivity and efficiency, furthering industrial excellence.

The oil filtration system machine in MachineXT, which has used cutting-edge technology with advanced three-stage solid filtration systems, can remove fine solid particles and moisture from lubricants, ensuring cleanliness, and minimising the risk of machine damage. It can clean various types of lubricants such as hydraulic oil, gear oil, engine oil, turbine oil, and circulating oil.

The viscosity range (32 cst to 320 cst) includes a wide array of lubricants which are both mineral-based and synthetic. This machine is equipped with a sensor that can assess the cleanliness level of oil before and after the filtration process, adhering to ISO 4406 standards This sensor allows for accurate monitoring and evaluation of oil cleanliness, ensuring that the filtration process effectively removes contaminants. Specifically, it excels in filtering hydraulic oils, achieving ISO code 17/15/12 with ease.

MachineXT’s low vacuum dehydration system is a high-end tech machine that is widely recognised and utilised for the dehydration (moisture removal) of lubricants. This advanced technique effectively eliminates moisture from oil, which can exist in dissolved, emulsified, and free forms. The dehydration system employs a vacuum chamber and a shower arrangement for the oil, which may contain moisture. The system also includes a heater arrangement that heats the oil to a controlled maximum temperature of 60°C. Once heated, the oil is showered inside the vacuum chamber, which is maintained at a controlled vacuum level of 750 torr. Under these vacuumed conditions, the moisture particles in the oil undergo evaporation or vaporisation, effectively separating them from the oil. The moisture is then removed from the chamber. Meanwhile, the clean, moisturefree oil collects at the bottom of the chamber and is then delivered into the system using a delivery power mechanism, ensuring that the purified oil is readily available for lubrication purposes.

The coolant sump cleaner is another highly efficient solution equipped with a powerful two-stage vacuum blower. Its vacuum technology creates a strong suction force that effectively draws in coolant, metal chips, swarfs, and other contaminants from the coolant tank, passing them through a stainless-steel mesh basket. This versatile cleaner finds applications in CNC/VMC machines, effectively cleaning various types of coolants such as soluble cutting oil, neat cutting oil, water emulsion, quenching oil, and even storage tanks. With no filter element and no replacement costs, the coolant sump cleaner offers an improved product finish, reduced coolant consumption with an extended coolant changing periods and reduced machine downtime.

The tramp oil separator removes contaminants and tramp oil from coolants used in CNC machines. With its built-in air-operated diaphragm pump, it effectively sucks the contaminated coolant from the CNC machine’s sump and directs it through a stainlesssteel strainer to remove larger particles. As the coolant flows further, it passes through a molded honeycomb device that uses surface tension to separate the tramp oil from the coolant. The collected tramp oil is collected in a dedicated tray, while the clean coolant is returned to the CNC machine’s sump.

MachineXT also offers tank set additives such as biocides, defoamers, pH boosters, and alkaline water-soluble cleansers for metal-working coolant management.

On-Site Servicing Solutions
MachineXT also provides the MobilServSM Lubricant Analysis (MSLA) and MobilServSM Grease Analysis (MSGA) suite of comprehensive services that assesses lubricant conditions, contamination levels, and potential issues. MSLA can save as much as 66 percent of sampling time while providing the lubricant oil analysis needed to keep the equipment productive and minimise costly repairs.* MSGA can offer additional insights that will enhance equipment life. It can conduct six tests from one gram of grease sample. This convenient exercise enables problem identification before occurrence, minimising unscheduled downtime to improve productivity throughout. The testing services include lubricant viscosity testing, pH testing, patch test, water crackle test, chloride test and refractometers. These services provide essential insights into key parameters, ensuring equipment performance and durability.

Through these on-site testing services, MachineXT empowers businesses to monitor and optimise their lubricants and coolants effectively.

MachineXT is set to transform India’s machine tool segment. By addressing the challenges faced by the sector and workshop operators, it offers a game-changing solution for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and machine health. Through its state-ofthe-art technology and tailored offerings, it empowers workshop operators to unlock unparalleled performance, reduce maintenance efforts, and optimise the lifespan of their machines.

*This performance is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results may vary.

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