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Battrixx to manufacture indigenised  Li-ion batteries with Hero Electric

Battrixx to manufacture indigenised Li-ion batteries with Hero Electric

December 13, 2022 11:34 am

Conceptualised and designed in-house with Hero’s R&D team, these are the latest technology batteries electrifying Hero Electric’s entire e- scooter range.

Battrixx strategic partnership with Hero Electric for developing ‘Made in India’ Lithium-ion batteries will support battery safety, performance and Hero’s production line-up to meet the rising e2W demand. Battrixx will power Hero Electric Scooters to develop and manufacture advanced cell chemistry-designed battery packs. Based on Hero Electric’s projections, the target is to supply 300,000 battery packs and chargers in the next financial year. These batteries comply with the latest AIS 156 amendments that cover IP67 Thermal Protection, A/V Warning Systems, smart BMS, and Live Data Tracking with IoT. Battrixx comes with an intelligent battery with two-way communication between the vehicle, controller, battery, and charger.

Anand Kabra, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Kabra Extrusiontechnik Limited, said, “Battrixx is a crucial manufacturer for advanced lithium-ion battery packs across sectors. There has been a huge investment in infrastructure and technology to cater to the rising electric vehicle demand in the country. For EVs, battery packs are a crucial component and involve ample research and testing to be safe for EV owners. Over the last 18 months, we have been through rigorous testing and R&D and prepared to deliver global quality batteries for the growing Indian EV sector. With our partnership with Hero Electric, we are positive of facilitating an innovative, safe, and long-life cycle Li- on LFP battery chemistry to aid the exponentially growing EV segment.”

Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric, said, “Batteries are the heart of electric mobility and the costliest. Batteries are also the most sensitive part. It takes a long time to perfect the battery technology as its life expectancy, and abnormal behaviour over of battery’s life cycle cannot be entirely forecasted by using accelerated simulation techniques. Our local battery development exercise started five years back to meet the FAME 2 timeline. We continued our R&D experiments with different chemistries to achieve the right solution suitable for Indian weather conditions and roads. Partnering with Battrixx, we co-developed these battery packs to deliver a seamless performance while maintaining the highest levels of safety. The technology allows battery packs to carry their operations smoothly and safely in diverse temperature ranges; even if the temperatures go up to 45°C, there are negligible chances of a thermal runaway. Committed to developing and modernising the Indian EV sector, both Battrixx and Hero Electric have come together to offer avant-garde, innovative, and safe mobility solutions to our consumers.”

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