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Artificial intelligence is carving its way into Sheet Metal industry

Artificial intelligence is carving its way into Sheet Metal industry

July 2, 2022 10:14 am

Talking about products during the IMTEX India expo, Anil Kumar Miglani, MD, Angel India CAD-CAM Pvt. Ltd., speaks to OEM Update about increasing digitalisation and AI, are going to impact the laser industry.


Products and solutions on display at IMTEX 2022

 Angel India displayed several solution based products during this exhibition because prospers usually visit AICC to find out right and innovative solutions. This is a sheet metal forming exhibition and fiber laser is playing a very important role in sheet metal fabrication. We had displayed other additional products which play a vital role in sheet metal fabrication shops to achieve art to part . We displayed laser welding and new innovative products such as laser cleaning etc. They are in high demand right now in the prevailing environment, not only in India but also worldwide, due to global warming. Angel India introduced many products and some CNC mechanical Routers for non ferrous like copper & aluminium cutting and 3D engravings as well as on stones, which were usually not displayed in this industry expo, but were displayed this time. The company also introduced UV printing to the market, which can be used to print on any media, including metal. It is noteworthy that the metal industry is also striving to take steps toward printing directly on metal.For this reason, we introduced printing machines as well. In addition, Angel India had also displayed one Co2 laser cutting machine specifically for non-metal products. It showed sensing requirements and growing demands as this industry needs a complete solution. Keeping that in mind, the company displayed the entire product line at this expo.


Unique Features of the products and solutions 

Business people generally require a dependable product with a low price range and stability. That is what we provide in our machines; as a member of the Bystronic Group, people can trust us for reliable and productive solutions , and the price we offer for our premium machines is very appealing to the market. This is having a significant impact on the industry. However, we can provide the needed solutions as a machine tool for the industry for the decision makers looking for a good solution.


Innovative technology 

Angel India has developed a laser cleaning system, as well as designed new cutting machines. These are upcoming trends and current demands from the industry. We have also developed a laser cutting head for Bevel cutting that is necessary for cutting in metal tubes. Simultaneously, we have integrated innovative technology into our machines. Such technological implementation helps in precise cutting and saving material, which will amount to almost zero waste in cutting.


Geopolitical impact on procuring materials and component

 Looking at the prevailing scenario, the current geopolitical situation has impacted the industry much regarding the procurement of materials and components. To an extent, the sector gets influenced more by sentiments. And these sorts of situations can occur anywhere, in any part of the world. It is pretty problematic for everyone. This has significantly impacted the industry; the price of materials skyrocketed, as anticipated. However, the situation is returning to normalcy and is now under control. Things are moving in a more positive direction now.


Innovations and developments are happening around the globe. 

Due to the emergence of varied innovations, the world is slated to change in the next ten years. Earlier, only a few brains were working on developing such innovation, but now everyone is excited to add a bit of it. As a result, the entire world will change with new alterations and innovations. Every day, a new concept emerges, and recent changes are happening. Still, changes are taking place in significant industries, such as Automation which we are offering now with machines because it increases the machine efficiency and throughput in a shift time and also reduces the dependency over working staff, for which we are capable of offering a solution.

Moreover, artificial intelligence is making its way into the laser industry. The next revolutionary step is to use robots for multiple-axis machines, such as five, seven, or nine axes. There lies the future.

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Your future advertising space? Our media data

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