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Automated monitoring systems assist in constant  surveillance

Automated monitoring systems assist in constant surveillance

August 1, 2022 12:11 pm

Automated systems that can communicate and operate independently need advanced measurement and controlling technology to back the operation, says Piyush Patel, Instrumentation Head (SBU), Testo India Pvt. Ltd.


Market for instrumentation and control technology for automation 

Almost every industry requires the measurement of specific parameters to keep the processes running, and the market has always relied on conventional measurement methods. Traditional approaches to measurements in sectors require a lot of time and effort.

The latest trends and advancements from the digitization of the working system, along with the increasing application necessities, call for accurate and smart solutions. Automated systems that communicate and operate independently need advanced measurement and controlling technology to back the operation. In the times to come, the T&M division will make a lot of difference in the process outputs and system productivity. New and advanced sensor technology is the new shift that we already recognize. It makes the entire process intuitive and self-corrective. The measuring instruments are flexible and multifunctional and could be easily integrated with various operations. These new products are now being used for maintenance and control and can also generate alarms. Undoubtedly, automation in the market would run smoothly only with upgraded measurement and monitoring solutions.


Real-time data benefits

 Since the technology is changing, existing systems are getting digitized, smart technology & IIoT have become very relevant within the industry, need for increased efficiency and growing energy concerns have become more pivotal than ever. This can only be achieved if the processes are monitored, parameters are measured timely, and data is recorded well. T&M division ensures that products have evolved to cope with the new technologies. The measuring instruments are now more intuitive, self-governed and could be easily integrated with various operations. These new products are now being used for troubleshooting and real-time data monitoring and are also capable of generating alarms & reminders without any human intervention. The testo Saveris 2 Wi-Fi data logger system is a simple, flexible, and reliable solution to humidity and temperature monitoring in storerooms, cold storage areas and work rooms, as well as during workflow processes. With secure online storage of all readings in Testo Cloud, the data can be managed and analyzed online by the user via smartphone, tablet, or PC anywhere and anytime. To make the measurement smarter, testo brings out the most innovative measuring solutions, such as the testo Smart Probes, which equips the users with smart and easy measurement techniques using the smartphone interface. These can be wirelessly and intuitively operated by smartphone via a free App. For facility managers, operation heads, contractors & technicians, maintenance is now easier than ever before, with real-time data available on site. The equipment has replaced the time-consuming manual data monitoring and documentation system. 


Developments in testing instruments for predictive maintenance 

Considering the development prospects in all the industrial areas and the new technologies that are getting established, the T&M sector has a lot to offer to ensure the correct predictive & preventive measurement. Our latest and most advanced solutions, for instance, Electrical Instruments, are very distinct and unique in their features. They are excellent instruments for inspecting electrical components and circuit failure threats. They also ensure the longevity and efficiency of various power electronic components that control and regulate the operations. The unique Clamp and Multimeters are intuitive, can measure several parameters in a single component and are the most valuable tools for troubleshooting & maintenance. Our new range of Thermal Imagers with smartphone integration designed to deliver networked thermography is mostly used for predictive and preventive maintenance in the industry. Thermal imaging cameras work on the thermal profiling principle and detect any thermal anomaly or temperature difference over a surface. It can be used for non-contact thermal inspection of multiple mechanical & electrical components, rotating parts, machines, panels, and other inaccessible locations from a safe distance. Any hot spots, overheating, short circuits, and defects can be easily predicted and controlled using these tools. 


Automation in the test and measurement 

Automated monitoring systems keep your entire set-up under constant check where you can quickly identify deviations. Freedom of smart measurement, online data storage and on-spot report generation make your documentation super easy. The Health and condition of the equipment or machines can be constantly monitored, ensuring on-time service, maintenance or repair if needed. From equipment to the environment, the T&M industry can help increase the facility’s life with certainty.

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