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Data analysis ensures optimum  efficiency and higher product  quality

Data analysis ensures optimum efficiency and higher product quality

October 1, 2022 3:16 pm

Integration of smart technologies and solutions is essential for precision, better quality, innovative human-machine interaction, and better safety.

The various PLI schemes brought in recently are attracting a lot of investment. We dominate in manufacturing electronics from our solutions and are closely monitoring the PLI schemes around essential investment areas. We stand committed to the Indian market and its growth; and would not shy away from expanding investments if the need arises in R&D or manufacturing. Delta is quick to respond to market requirements. We are growing our R&D facility year on year and increasing the workforce in Bengaluru. Our complex at Krishnagiri has the potential to house more factories for both domestic and international markets with the SEZ. So it is a matter of time before we utilise this potential further. We are bringing in more products from our different business groups in India to be manufactured in Krishnagiri to export and use in the Indian market.


Competitive improvement 

With progress in automation technology, enterprises are replacing labour-intensive manual operations with mechanical automation control systems in the production process to improve productivity and yield rates. Today, economic benefits and technological developments have become critical factors for creating corporate value and enhancing industrial competitiveness

For mechanical automation applications, Delta Industrial Automation demonstrates its many years of professional R&D technology and manufacturing experience in industrial automation control machinery and electronics to provide high efficiency, high precision, high-reliability products, systems and solutions in areas such as packaging, machine tools, textiles, elevators, lifting and cranes, rubber and plastics, as well as electronics. With strong R&D capability, advanced technical support and real-time global service, the mechanical automation solutions that Delta Industrial Automation offers include varied advantages to its customers. It helps them to enhance production speed and efficiency, improve product precision and quality, decrease labour and production costs, save on materials consumption, reduce equipment wear and tear, and enhance competitiveness.


Technological advancements in CE 

Businesses are constantly seeking methods to upgrade and improve procedures. The main impetus behind industrial automation is this crucial requirement. Another significant area driving demand for automation is energy efficiency, and we at Delta anticipate tremendous momentum in this sector.

In addition, rising IoT and sensor usage is significantly impacting the market by opening up opportunities at the machine, factory, and process levels. Many businesses are looking into localising or routing data at the machine or process level over the cloud to acquire crucial preventive maintenance insights. To meet their business needs, we at Delta help organisations integrate the entire solution at the machine, factory, and process levels.


Water businesses

 IoT, connectivity and sensors are key areas where we see strong growth in the coming years. The water business segment will also be a big focus at Delta. With the state board investing in water treatment plants, we see massive potential in this space.


Transition to eco-friendly manufacturing 

At Delta, we have a solid local network to ensure that we are there to support the various demands catering to industrial automation solutions. We believe that the growth of an enterprise is more than just the sales number. Consistent growth also depends on offering a differentiated and consistent customer experience across sales, marketing, and service and taking advantage of all channels and routes to interact with customers. It is essential to have an efficient business network of channel partners and stakeholders and a workforce to bridge the gap between demand and supply. That reciprocates the skills in understanding the exact requirement for the business’s growth. We have a strong presence in Pan India with 16 regional offices and more than 200 channel partners. Our engineers have expertise in different domains maintaining cordial communication with our customers for sales, application, and services.

As one of the market leaders, our aim is not just to increase sales but equally build a relationship of trust with our prestigious customers by delivering the commitment of ultimate customer satisfaction. We are one of the very few companies in our space in India who have and provide service even at the component level with one large facility in Gurugram.


Completing at the global level 

The manufacturing sector will play a significant and leading role backed by modernising the manufacturing process and facilities to tap growing opportunities. Integration of intelligent technologies and solutions is essential for precision, better quality, innovative human machine interaction, and better safety. It further results in reduced productivity time and failures. Enhanced data analysis capacity also helps achieve optimum efficiency and higher product quality at a reduced price. Industry 4.0 and IoT are the ways ahead that can help the industry achieve these goals, where Industrial automation infrastructure will play a significant role in enabling this transition.

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Your future advertising space? Our media data

Your future advertising space? Our media data


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Your future advertising space? Our media data

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