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Setting the welding parameters reduces human  errors

Setting the welding parameters reduces human errors

September 2, 2022 4:59 pm

All CLOOS digital control welding machines have in-build parameters, which help the welder to set the parameters by selecting plate thickness, type of raw material, gas etc., says Sumon Mitra, Sales Director, Cloos India.


In the world, welding development is guided by the industries using welding systems and the welder, who works with the machine daily. So, the chances of human error are a concern. As per the present situation, those machine types will require more to reduce human error due to the shortage of skilled welders.

New evolution is expected in welding. 

All CLOOS digital control welding machines have in-build parameters. It helps the welder to set the parameter by selecting according to plate thickness, type of raw material, gas etc. Besides this, CLOOS C-gate Industry 4.0 software allows the engineers and management to monitor if the desired WPS is being maintained. 

We think every welding process has its applications and advantages. We implement that in our product range. We can say that our machine has all welding processes in a single machine. For example, in a structural job, before we start the welding, we do the MMAW welding to fix or set the job. After that, we do the MIG welding for production. If any welding defect happens, we do the Gouging to remove the material from the defected area and again, MIG welding is done on that area.


Benchmarks developed 

We always say, “CLOOS: Your brand for innovative welding technology”. So, we are always looking for continuous development. In terms of that, we continuously develop our welding processes in our technology centres – under practical conditions. With the right combination of process, equipment, parameters and our knowhow, from a tradition of 103 years in welding, we find the perfect solution for your production task. Thus we can give you a decisive lead over your competitors.

Recently, we developed the welding process with the name FINE WELD. This is the low spatter shot arc MIG/MAG welding for CO2. Fine Weld is an energy-reduced, current-controlled short arc process for 100 percent CO2 gas welding. Due to the minimised spatter formation, Fine Weld is suitable mainly for thin, coated plates and fine visible weld seams. The stable arc is characterised by an optimum gap-bridging ability and can be mastered excellently in all welding positions. 

We have also made an entry-level robot with Fine weld technology to support furniture industries applications and for other industries who want to enter automation systems from their existing manual process. With our continuous development, we also developed ROBOSCAN for robotics welding, where part variety is more and repeatability is less.

Cloos, are all from a single source supplier, so our all welding process is also available for automated welding. Whenever you want to enter into an automated welding process- the CLOOS entry package will give you the best technological solution as we always focus on the welding requirements of every customer. 

  • All from a single source system provides ready-to-weld packages. Thus the complexity of integration from different sources is eliminated completely 
  • Easy commissioning: Quick production start due to ready-to-weld packages from a single source. 
  • Low space: Compact design saves production area 
  • Endless welding processes: Excellent welding results from the very beginning due to the experience of more than 103 years in the welding industry worldwide. 


Overview of ROBOSCAN benefits

  •  Minimum programming expenditure 
  •  Enormous saving of time
  •  Increase the system efficiency 
  •  CAD workplace is not necessary 

Recognition of position and tolerances of the workpiece 

  • Excellent weld quality
  •  Saving time because re-teaching is not necessary 


Reduction/Absence of the clamping device 

  • Reduction of the investment costs 
  • Minimisation of non-productive times 

Shortening of planning times 

  • Just-in-time production 
  • Reduced personnel and material binding 
  • Quick delivery periods 

Intuitive operation 

  • Flexible use of personnel and minimum training expenditure 
  • Knowledge of robot programming and welding not necessary.


Do you wish to weld the most petite batch sizes efficiently and automated? Particularly in steel and metal construction, the programming expenditure for automated welding of small batch sizes is often disproportionally high. Use the IRPS Instant Robot Programming System to create programs for automated welding in a short time. So the automated welding of workpieces in batch size 1 pays off now.

Advances for robotic welding processes 

We have noticed a strong industry demand for economic/ entry-level robotic welding systems to switch from manual to automated welding. We have our QRH-295 series compact robotic welding system to meet the requirement. This system is very flexible to program and a plug & play solution. There is a very high demand as, once again, it is an integrated system by CLOOS, thus no dependency on any third-party integrator.

Cobots implementation and views about safety for workers

 CLOOS developed ARCBOLT for optimum human-machine cooperation. This concept is exceptionally safe & flexible, as an operator can touch the cobot to instruct STOP operation & can START immediately without using the conventional line start method as in a robot. It also has an automated wire retract system to provide maximum safety to the user/operator.

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