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Sunlub constantly works towards a better quality lubrication products

Sunlub constantly works towards a better quality lubrication products

August 2, 2022 12:25 pm

Dattatray Dhende, Managing Director, Sunlub Technologies, says lubrication plays an inevitable role in the hot forging process to maintain quality and productivity.

While talking about the company and its product portfolio Dattatray Dhende was delighted to mention that Sunlub Technologies will be celebrating its 10th anniversary during August 2022.


Lubricant trends 

Consumption of water-based forging lubricants grew since 2021 post lockdown. The volatile raw material prices have affected manufacturing. However, the high focus of manufacturers on water-based lubricants is anticipated to add value to the overall market space, especially non-graphite hot forging lubricants.


Products and solutions for various applications High-performance graphite-based hot forging die lubricants 

  • Ultra-thin unique micronized graphite particles
  •  Contains excellent binders & releases additives 
  • Excellent results for critical & precise forgings 
  •  Higher dilution ratios and higher die life; compatible for ferrous & non-ferrous components.


High-performance non-graphite (white lube) for hot forging die lubricants 

  • Better alternatives for graphite and contains excellent lubricity & release additives 
  •  Excellent results for critical & precise forgings and suitable for high-speed multi-station forging
  •  Higher dilution ratios and higher die life; compatible for ferrous & non-ferrous components.


High-performance oil-based forging die lubricants Different grades are available with the dispersion of excellent quality graphite in the base oil.

  •  Excellent wetting properties 
  • High flash point; better material flow and excellent release properties.
  •  Economical solution for extrusions & heavy forgings 
  • Compatible with ferrous & non-ferrous forgings 
  •  Economical solution for extrusions & heavy deep cavity forgings 
  • Different grades for ferrous & non-ferrous forgings with & without graphite are available 
  • Deep cavity hammer forgings, heavy SS forgings, Brass & aluminium forgings and critical extrusions.


Spray guns & spraying equipment 

Along with its complete range of die lubricants, Sunlub Technologies offers its clients an economical solution for applying these die lubricants through spray guns & spraying equipment. 

  • Single side & both side spray guns. 
  • Spray systems with pressure feeder tanks having capacities of 45 & 60 litres. 
  • Spray systems with open tanks having capacities of 100 &200 litres.


R&D activities and manufacturing capabilities

 As a manufacturer, we focus on research and development activities to find alternative methods of production to address the volatility in market prices. With a capacity of 1300T Lubricant per year, Sunlub Technologies have set up manufacturing plants in regions with cheap raw materials and easy access to cheap labour, which leads to a competitive price and quality product. The entire facility of 22,000 sq. ft. is well equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment, ensuring the best-in-class products available in the country.


Selection criteria of the right lubricant and its function for the hot forging process 

Lubrication is inevitable in the hot forging process to maintain quality and productivity. The hot forging process is performed at extremely high temperatures (up to 12500 C for steel, 3600 C to 5200 C for Al-alloys, 7000 C to 8000 C for Cu-alloys). These temperatures are necessary to avoid strain hardening of the metal during deformation. So, lubricating the forging process is not an easy task. It depends on the right selection of lubricants for the right application areas to get the best results.

Water-based graphite and non-graphite lubricants and their use for dies 

Water-based graphite lubricants contain a binder that holds the graphite particles to all die surfaces and reduces the amount of overspray. Water-based non-graphite products tend to wash out if over-applied on the die. It is difficult to put extra lubricant in a deep cavity area. Most non-graphite products, mainly white lube-type products, usually deposit a soft film on the die surface. This helps for a better surface finish. While selecting water-based graphite or non-graphite lubricant, lubricants can improve any forging. There is no perfect lubricant for every operation, from shallow to deep cavities. Good die life, clean environment and low cost are the pros of any lubricant which should be considered while implementing.


Applications of die lubricants through spray guns and equipment

 Spray gun & Pressure feed tanks are ideally suitable for spraying ‘Lubricants’ on all surface applications, especially for Hot forging die lubricant on dies. The proportion of air and liquid lubricant in this spray gun can be adjusted accordingly. Spray guns help to form a thin and uniform layer on the dies. We offer a 45 and 60 litres of Pressure feed Tank and 200 & 400 litres open tank, according to customers’ requirements. 


Future plans 

Sunlub is aggressively exploring new market opportunities and developing indigenous product developments offering the latest technologies to the Indian market. Sunlub brings cost savings and improved efficiency in the manufacturing process. Sunlub continuously works towards the quality of its lubrication products. Our manufacturing unit is located in Ahmednagar MIDC. It is expanding its reach to spread all over the country through dealers and distributors in Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi – NCR, Jamshedpur, Ludhiana, Pune, Rajkot and Rudrapur.

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