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Fronius TIG DynamicWire for the cold wire welding process is smart and simple

Fronius TIG DynamicWire for the cold wire welding process is smart and simple

November 8, 2022 4:29 pm

With the patented new TIG DynamicWire welding package, even an amateur can quickly achieve perfect TIG welds.

TIG cold-wire components are available now for Fronius iWave. The pioneering innovation lies in its intelligent control. With the patented new TIG DynamicWire welding package, even amateurs can quickly achieve perfect TIG welds. This is because the dynamic wire control always selects the right travel speed. The process adapts to the welder, not the other way around! 

TIG welding represents the top tier of welding processes and demands skill and years of practice – or does it? “All the new features that we’ve packed into the iWave cold-wire components, as well as the corresponding software solution, make TIG welding significantly easier,” explains Manuel Rumpl, Head of Strategic Product Management Industrial Welding Solutions, Fronius International GmbH. “Thanks to TIG DynamicWire, welders can focus all their attention on the arc, and the welding system regulates the optimal wire speed at all times.” The iWave power categories from 300i to 500i can be upgraded to the TIG cold-wire system. The TIG DynamicWire welding package is ready for use using software activation and can be retrofitted to existing iWave systems at any time.


Market innovation: active wire control 

The innovative advantage of Fronius DynamicWire compared to a conventional continuous wire feed lies in its automatic self-regulation. The welding system actively adjusts the wire speed to the welding behaviour, torch position, and current conditions, even automatically compensating for component tolerances of up to 30 percent—the result: Perfect welds every time. 


Precise and user-friendly 

During the development of the coldwire system, no detail was too small for Fronius when it came to ensuring that welders could work optimally with minimal steps and adjustments. The wire feeder is set once and then remains in a stable position. The ergonomic and flexible tungsten holder is exceptionally lightweight as it is produced using material-saving aluminium 3D printing. There are also no disturbing vibrations at the torch handle, as – unlike with comparable solutions – the wire’s mechanical forward and backward motion has been dispensed entirely with the new TIG DynamicWire cold-wire welding process. 


Change the tungsten electrode at the touch of a button 

With the Tungsten Fast Clamp system (TFC), welding expert Fronius is bringing another new patent. A single touch of the button releases and clamps the tungsten electrode in the spring-loaded clamping sleeve. Like the lead of a mechanical pencil, the electrode is changed in a matter of seconds. This system can now also be mounted on existing torch bodies.


Self-regulating, time-saving, and resource-conserving

 In times of skills shortages, iWave is complete with cold-wire feeding, and TIG DynamicWire can help all TIG novices and those with less experience achieve great welding results and fast. Self-regulating parameter settings and characteristics, as well as a compensatory active wire feeder, provide the necessary safety and ensure a high level of quality. Since the wire does not continuously move back and forth during intelligent TIG cold-wire welding, even worn parts such as the torch body, torch cap, and clamping sleeve experience reduced abrasion and last longer than comparable solutions.

Business Unit Perfect Welding 

Fronius Perfect Welding is an innovation leader in arc welding and a global market leader for robot-assisted welding. As a systems provider, the Fronius Welding Automation division also implements customised automated complete welding solutions for the construction of containers or offshore cladding, for example. The range is rounded off by power sources for manual applications, welding accessories, and a broad spectrum of services. With more than 1000 sales partners worldwide, Fronius Perfect Welding has great customer proximity.

Find more on this at TIG DynamicWire

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