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CNC Gear Chamfering Machines for better gear making

CNC Gear Chamfering Machines for better gear making

September 7, 2023 6:12 pm

Experience precision machining excellence with the Twin Spindle CNC Gear Chamfering Machine. This solution delivers flawless results in gear production, making it an asset for manufacturing setups.

The Twin Spindle CNC Gear Chamfering Machine – a cutting-edge solution that assists in the world of chamfering and deburring processes. It is engineered to perfection, boasting many features and specifications that make it an asset for precision machining operations.

Compact and rigid, the CNC Gear Chamfering Machine is designed to deliver outstanding performance while occupying minimal floor space. Its small footprint ensures that it can easily fit into any manufacturing facility, optimising the use of available workspace. The rigidity of the machine enhances stability during operation, guaranteeing consistent and flawless results.

The precision LM guides and ballscrews facilitate smooth and accurate movements, allowing for meticulous finishing and uniform chamfering of gears and various components.

The CNC Gear Chamfering Machine is engineered for ease of operation. Its user-friendly interface ensures operators can quickly grasp the controls and manage the machining process effortlessly. Integrating the HUST CNC Controller provides seamless control and monitoring, empowering operators to make real-time adjustments and streamline the workflow efficiently.

Equipped with servo motors, the machine excels in high-speed machining, ensuring rapid and efficient production cycles. The Octagon make spindles with a powerful 5000RPM and 200W motor, further enhancing the machine’s capability to deliver impeccable results. The ER16 collet holding system provides a secure grip on tools, eliminating any chances of slippage or imprecise machining.

Customisation is a key highlight of the CNC Gear Chamfering Machine. Its table size of 400mm x 200mm offers ample space to accommodate a variety of workpieces, while the option for customised fixturing systems caters to specific customer requirements.

Moreover, the machine has CNC simulation capabilities, allowing users to check and verify the machining program through a graphic window. This feature reduces the chances of errors and enhances productivity by ensuring a smooth and error-free workflow.

The CNC Gear Chamfering Machine is built to withstand industrial demands and operates on a reliable three-phase power supply. Its robust construction ensures longevity and minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective investment for long-term use.

The Twin Spindle CNC Gear Chamfering Machine has a compact yet rigid design, coupled with precision machining capabilities, and it empowers manufacturers to achieve flawless results in gear production. Easy-to-use controls and CNC simulation further enhance productivity and accuracy, while the option for customisation ensures seamless integration into diverse manufacturing setups. If you seek a cutting-edge solution that guarantees excellence in chamfering and deburring, the CNC Gear Chamfering Machine answers your machining needs.

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