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Continuous parameter testing ensures product resilience in challenging conditions

Continuous parameter testing ensures product resilience in challenging conditions

June 9, 2023 2:52 pm

Srinivas B, Sr. AVP & Business Head, TIDC India- Industrial Chain Division, states that TIDC manufacturing plants are equipped with specialised machinery and equipment to simulate various conditions. It allows us to assess the performance parameters of our products which excel in several core competencies within the field of manufacturing.

What are the core competencies of TIDC India?
TIDC India’s Industrial Chains division operates five manufacturing facilities specialising in producing a wide range of high-quality power transmission products for various industries such as agriculture, automobile, cement, steel, sugar, fertiliser, textile, food, and more. These manufacturing plants are well-equipped to ensure efficient and fast production according to customer demand, thanks to implementing the Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS), Total Quality Management (TQM), and Lean Management System. The division also boasts an in-house research and development facility, testing facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and a highly skilled workforce that exceeds international standards, reflecting their strong commitment to TQM principles.

How does TIDC India approach project management for large-scale engineering and manufacturing projects?
TIDC India has a robust sales team, operating through regional offices in Chennai, Pune, Delhi, and Kolkata and an extensive distribution network spanning the entire country. We actively engage with EPC consultants and actively participate in major projects nationwide. Our exceptional technical knowledge and adherence to established manufacturing practices are a testament to our products’ superior quality and performance. TIDC India is the preferred choice for fulfilling chain requirements for crucial projects. 

What technologies does TIDC India use for precision manufacturing?
TIDC India operates advanced manufacturing facilities equipped with a diverse range of mechanical presses, continuous mesh belt furnaces, and assembly lines, enabling the production of top-quality products. Our plants are fully integrated manufacturing centers with cellular manufacturing and possess in-house tool engineering capabilities. The manufacturing unit is an independent division dedicated to specific products, following structured operations. TIDC India employs special processes to enhance product lifespan and implements manufacturing value engineering and value-addition practices


How does TIDC India handle product testing and validation for its manufacturing projects?
We subject our products to rigorous testing under extreme conditions to meet the global standards of our customers. Our manufacturing plants are equipped with specialised machinery and equipment that can simulate various conditions, allowing us to assess every performance parameter of our products. TIDC India’s Corporate Technology Centre enables us to conduct virtual simulations and prototypes for new product development. This facility also allows us to consistently enhance our products’ attributes, feasibility, and performance. We conduct continuous testing to ensure our products resist wear, fatigue, and corrosion.

How does TIDC India support the growth of manufacturing industries in Telangana?
TIDC India serves the chain needs of manufacturing industries in different sectors within Telangana. Our superior power transmission and conveying products guarantee smooth operations in these industries. TIDC India provides chains to essential industry segments such as Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food, and packaging, ensuring high quality and reliability.

 What steps does TIDC India take to ensure efficient and sustainable use of resources in its manufacturing processes?
 TIDC India upholds lean management principles to deliver top-quality products to customers while consistently striving for improvement and enhancing quality. We have continuously elevated our production levels and prioritised sustainability on our journey towards success and excellence. These efforts have solidified TIDC India’s reputation as the most esteemed and trustworthy brand for chains in India.


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