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VEGA : Affordable solutions for efficient water treatment

VEGA : Affordable solutions for efficient water treatment

May 16, 2022 3:24 pm

There are typically three stages that are very important in a wastewater treatment plant. The primary process deals with the settling of the heavy solids. The secondary process.

involves oxidation to purify the water and the tertiary process aims at improving the quality of the water for specific usage. In all these stages, various processes are involved, which when run with optimum capacity, make the wastewater treatment plan a sustainable entity. If any of the process parameters are inconsistent then the entire treatment process will fail. For example, if water levels in tanks are not checked then there are chances of spillage on the other hand it increases the risk of dry- run for pumps.

The operational efficiency can be achieved through efficient automation. One of the important parameters to achieve it involves continuous level monitoring at various stages of the process such a gauge inlet pumping stations, storage silos and containers, sludge treatment, and at various points of mixing and equalization pool. Only intelligent field devices can help in optimizing such processes with the help of correct and reliable measurement values. However, as the complexity of the wastewater composition has increased, the need for newer, cost-effective and consistent measurement devices has also increased manifold. VEGA has addressed this need by introducing a new range of compact electronic devices that are especially suitable for wastewater treatment plants. The new device range, VEGAPULS C, has a fixed cable connection and are based on radar technology.

Radar- A ‘Go-To’ technology

Wastewater treatment plant experience harsh process conditions due to the contamination and the presence of solids, corrosive and abrasive media and build-ups. Hence, in such cases, non- contact level measurement is the preferred choice. Along with these ultrasonic and radar are the most preferred sensors. At first

glance, ultrasonic and radar may seem to be similar, however, radar technology has many distinct advantages over ultrasonic options.

No dead zone

Radar sensors can measure right up to the antenna system, unlike ultrasonic ones who suffer this particular limitation as they cannot measure up to a certain distance from the antenna.

Measurement through thick and thin

Water sensors are usually installed in a humid environment where build-up and condensation can blind the sensor’s ability to measure reliably. In a wastewater facility, the build-up can be due to the flooding of the pumping station or due to the deposition of the contamination carried by sewer water, the tissue can wrap the sensor antenna too. Under such conditions, ultrasonic sensors that rely on sound wave technology usually faults as the transmission power is greatly reduced due to the formation of deposit around the sensor. However, for the radar sensors, due to their large dynamic range and focus beam, this is hardly an issue. The measurement will have no impact under such conditions. Additionally, radar sensors are also immune to the temperature fluctuations as against ultrasonic ones, hence, giving reliable measurement under all weather conditions.

Compact, cost-effective and unbeatable

VEGAPULS C series is designed keeping in mind the simple to complex applications in the wastewater treatment industries, that at present heavily use ultrasonic technology due to the cost factor. VEGAPULS C series sensors are compact and cost-effective and hence, better suitable for the wastewater treatment plant to bring in process optimization. These sensors come with a fixed cable and encapsulation. Encapsulation helps to prevent sensor flooding. In addition, these sensors come with the ex approval and hence, can be used in Zone 2 area. The highly developed 80 GHz technology has helped these sensors to have a narrow beam angle and hence, better focusing. For example, VEGAPULS C 23 has a beam angle of 30, due to which, even if they’re installed at a comfortable distance, the measurement will not be compromised.

Optional high-performance controllers

A new generation of controllers from VEGA makes level and pressure measurement and control easier and more efficient. The VEGAMET series is designed to be highly visible and ready to use out of the box. The high-contrast display offers options for clear, well-arranged visualisation of measurement data. The display is particularly large to the small size of the controller itself, which provides an overview that’s easy to take in – even from a distance and in broad daylight. Via a smartphone or tablet with bluetooth, users can still access the controller from even further away. In this way, they can parameterise the device remotely and monitor measured values away from hazardous zones. When used outdoors, VEGAMET 800 controllers can be fitted with a suitable sun shield to ensure good readability in direct sunlight. With the VEGAPULS C series and optional controller series of VEGAMET, VEGA brings on a table a technology that is affordable and can revolutionize the wastewater treatment process industry.

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Your future advertising space? Our media data

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