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Fuji Electric is driving reliability and precision in Instrumentation

Fuji Electric is driving reliability and precision in Instrumentation

September 30, 2023 2:57 pm

He shares his views; Mr. Karthik B, Business Head, Automation Division, says that Fuji Electric’s primary focus encompasses Oil and gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Fertilizer & Power sectors. Their century-long legacy reflects reliability, innovation, and precision in instrumentation, ensuring efficient automation solutions.

Please talk about Fuji’s Instrumentation Division and its primary areas of expertise within the instrumentation industry.
Fuji Electrical has a global reputation for its expertise in instrumentation and cutting-edge technologies. Our primary focus is serving various sectors, including oil and gas, fertiliser, power generation, and petrochemical industries. Additionally, we are expanding our presence into the broader utility sector. These represent the primary industries that Fuji is actively exploring.

What key technologies and products distinguish the Fuji Instrumentation Division in the market?
We offer a diverse range of products across three to four distinct segments. These include Pressure Transmitters, Gas analyzers, and Ultrasonic flow Transmitters, PID controllers. Our line of analyzer products is particularly robust, enabling us to effectively measure various critical parameters such as Sox, NOx, CO2, and O2 that are essential in the same industries. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a healthier environment by precisely measuring these parameters and transmitting the data to pollution control authorities. This, in turn, ensures accurate data collection, thereby supporting our aim of promoting a sustainable environment.

What are the major sectors to which Fuji instrumentation caters?
Our primary focus lies within the oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery, and fertiliser power sectors. We have established a strong presence in these industries by acquiring a comprehensive product line, obtaining necessary certifications, and offering valuable solutions tailored to these segments.

How does Fuji ensure the reliability and precision of its instrumentation products?
Fuji is renowned for the dependability and excellence of its products, with a nearly century-long legacy in the field of instrumentation. Fortunately, 2023 marks Fuji’s centenary in the instrumentation and Fuji Electric product industry. Throughout these years, we have played a significant role in developing cutting-edge products and advanced technologies. We have consistently expanded our product range to cater to the market’s evolving needs. For instance, we have pioneered research and development in hydrogen application security, including developing gold-plated diaphragms for hydrogen-related applications. Our innovations have often set the benchmark in the industry, with competitors and suppliers following our lead. Consequently, with nearly a century of experience, we have a rich history of delivering well-researched and well-organised instrumentation products.

How does efficiency in instrumentation assess the automation of the system?
Efficiency has consistently remained a critical criterion for instrumentation. Instrumentation’s essence lies in achieving 100 percent availability of process parameters, and we specialise in delivering highly precise solutions. These precision solutions ultimately guarantee optimal efficiency, ensuring product parameters are available 100 percent for various industry verticals.

How does efficiency help the automation of the system?
When I mention automation, it involves optimizing all aspects of your processes, from measuring to controlling parameters, and this parameterization is happening only with efficiency. Efficiency is a crucial factor, and over the years, customers have chosen Fuji products and trusted them because of our high level of efficiency and reliability.

In the context of globalisation, how does Fuji’s instrumentation division adapt to meet the unique requirements and standards of various regions and industries?
In today’s era of globalisation, the focus has shifted towards initiatives like achieving zero carbon footprints and Net Zero objectives. Two key areas stand out within these initiatives: Smart Water and Smart Energy. Fuji is well-equipped with a comprehensive range of products and solutions for smart energy, contributing to reducing carbon emissions worldwide. The world emphasises the Smart Water Initiative, which aims to provide sustainable and clean water access. It also ensures the long-term utilisation of water resources, and Fuji plays a pivotal role in assisting water industries. We do so by ensuring accurate and efficient measurements, with our reliable product line comprising Pressure & Flow measurement and solutions supporting the responsible and sustainable management of these vital resources.

What is Fuji Instrumentation’s presence in the automotive sector?
We have a significant presence in the automotive sector, offering a comprehensive product line that includes UPS systems, drives, and field instrumentation. One notable addition to our product portfolio is the S-Flow Ultrasonic Flow meter, which has proven highly valuable in the automotive industry. This meter finds applications in pre-delivery inspections (PDIs), where precise fuel measurement, such as for petrol and diesel, is critical. We’ve received positive feedback and interest from companies like Honda and FIAT, indicating a promising future in the automotive sector.

Looking ahead, India’s automotive industry is flourishing, with a dual focus on traditional vehicles and the emerging electric vehicle market. We’re actively engaged in both segments. In the EV sector, we’ve introduced a range of semiconductor products that facilitate and support the industry’s growth, helping businesses go a long way in this dynamic market.

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