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Fronius presents two new, robust extraction  systems and an ergonomic fume extraction torch

Fronius presents two new, robust extraction systems and an ergonomic fume extraction torch

December 13, 2022 5:36 pm

Fronius is launching the user-friendly Exento extraction welding torch and two mobile, high-performance Exento extraction systems as adequate protection against welding fumes.
The greatest possible protection from welding fumes is more than just compliance with standards. Going beyond the means shows companies take responsibility for their welding specialists and everyone working in their immediate vicinity. To assist, Fronius is launching the user- friendly Exento extraction welding torch and two mobile, high-performance Exento extraction systems as adequate protection against welding fumes.
These new extraction solutions are a perfectly coordinated duo, consisting of the ergonomically designed Exento fume extraction torch and the compact, mobile high-vacuum extraction system ExentoHighVac. This combination is particularly effective for MIG/MAG welding, removing welding fumes as soon as it is created. Thanks to the high-quality filter, the ExentoHighVac mobile extraction system eliminates more than 99.9 percent of the captured welding fume particles.
The ExentoLowVac is a low-vacuum extraction system suitable for all welding processes, such as MIG/MAG, TIG, and MMA, with an impressive flow-optimised extraction hood design. As a result, significantly less extraction arm tracking is required than in conventional systems.
New fume extraction torch –powerful, manageable, and individual
With the newly designed EN ISO 21904-1-compliant Exento fume extraction torch, welding fume is captured with pinpoint accuracy before it can spread. Our development team paid particular attention to optimal ergonomic design and easy operation in the design phase. For example, a bypass valve can control the desired extraction level directly on the handle. Rubber inserts ensure a non-slip grip, and the included LED lighting proves helpful when welding in dark areas and for quality control. With three different user interface choices, from a torch trigger on the top to an up/down rocker and the JobMaster, there is a torch type for every welder. The torch also offers significantly more freedom of movement while welding through the use of the ball joint that attaches it to the 1.3-meter-long, leather-protected hose.
Exento HighVac – mobile and compact extraction
In combination with the fume extraction torch, the new Exento high-vacuum extraction system demonstrates its power where continuous performance is required to remove fumes and dust. With a footprint of just 60 x 60 centimeters, and an operating radius of 360 degrees, it is a flexible powerhouse that can be used wherever needed. The integrated side-channel compressor allows an extraction capacity of up to 170 m³ per hour, and the vertically mounted filter cartridge ensures particularly effective cleaning. We included features such as the single button operation and the step-less pre-selection for power levels to ensure maximum ease of use. Program selection is possible in no time, even while wearing gloves.
The new Exento fume extraction torch and the ExentoHighVac extraction system perfectly match and achieve excellent results. Nevertheless, the high-vacuum extraction system can be combined with other fume extraction torches.
Exento LowVac – versatility in action
Whether MIG/MAG, TIG, or MMA welding: this compact, mobile, low vacuum extraction system is suitable for all standard welding processes, Exento LowVac is the right choice for wherever fume extraction torches cannot be used. Its highlight is the 360-degree rotatable extraction hood with a throttle valve with optional LED lighting. Equally remarkable is the large, standard 25 m² area of the disposable filter, which can be upgraded to 42 m² if required. The robust and stable design makes the Exento LowVac the perfect companion when frequent workplace changes are needed. Thanks to the high capacity and the long service life of the filter, the system is also highly cost-effective.
Fronius rounds out its extensive range of health and safety protection products with the new, innovative Exento products.
Business Unit Perfect Welding
Fronius Perfect Welding is an innovation leader in arc welding and a global market leader for robot-assisted welding. As a systems provider, the Fronius Welding Automation division also implements customised automated complete welding solutions for the construction of containers or offshore cladding, for example. Power sources for manual applications, welding accessories, and services round off the range. With more than 1000 sales partners worldwide, Fronius Perfect Welding has great customer proximity.

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