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MeccAlte is advancing towards higher horsepower alternators

MeccAlte is advancing towards higher horsepower alternators

September 18, 2023 4:47 pm

With over 65 trained and Authorised Service Centers comprising more than 220 touchpoints in India alone, MeccAlte is well-equipped to meet customer service expectations promptly.

The success of MeccAlte can be attributed to its innovative and high-quality technical and aesthetic design. MeccAlte alternators are known for their exceptional efficiency and reliability, making them stand out in their respective classes. They are built to have a long lifespan and are backed by various quality certifications that validate their credibility.

With over 65 trained and Authorised Service Centers comprising more than 220 touchpoints in India alone, MeccAlte is well-equipped to meet customer service expectations promptly. The company’s alternators boast several key features that set them apart:

1. They offer the best efficiency within their range, reducing fuel consumption.

2. MeccAlte is the pioneer in India to introduce a Fully Programmable Digital Regulator, which caters to special applications, enhances user and manufacturer performance, and serves as a diagnostic tool across a wide range of power outputs.

3. The insulation systems are designed to suit varying operating conditions, ensuring reliability and extending product life.

4. Including MAUX (MeccAlte Auxiliary Winding) Power Boost enables exceptional excitation.

5. They exhibit excellent motor starting capabilities, providing 300 percent short circuit current for 20 seconds as a standard.

6. The 12-wire re-connectable configuration for 3-Phase is a standard feature, allowing adaptability to different voltage, frequency, and phase requirements.

7. MeccAlte alternators are known for their superior aesthetics and low noise levels.

8. Maintenance is hassle-free, particularly in higher ratings.

9. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its focus on producing technologically advanced products and services of the highest quality to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Its central mission involves seamlessly integrating with our clients’ operations, providing independent and responsive world-class advice to enhance their efficiency and competitiveness. MeccAlte achieves this by designing and manufacturing industrial alternators and associated power solutions, tailoring our approach to best meet clients’ needs. An illustrative example of this commitment is the MeccAlte App, which grants clients round-the-clock access to alternator specifications and data.

MeccAlte has stood out as a highly dedicated player in the industrial alternators field, contributing significantly to our global success. Unlike competitors, we don’t engage in manufacturing or selling complete gensets. It ranks among the world’s leading industrial alternator manufacturers and is the largest independent supplier globally. The product range encompasses a single line of Synchronous Alternators spanning 1 to 5000kVA, covering portable and industrial units and medium and high voltage alternators for power generation.

Additionally, MeccAlte offers 2-pole and 4-pole alternators known for their exceptional efficiencies and performance benchmarks. Being a prominent figure in industrial alternator manufacturing, MeccAlte has consistently met customer demands through continuous product enhancements and innovations.

In the Indian market, abundant opportunities span across all segments. From a manufacturing standpoint, the company is committed to advancing towards higher horsepower (HHP) alternators, catering to requirements ranging from 1 to 2500 kVA LT range, applicable in diverse fields such as Agriculture, Industry, Retail, Data centres, Marine, Aviation, and more. The company’s upcoming range of accessories will further enhance customer value and provide streamlined service across all its products, including alternators.

The unveiling of MeccAlte’s latest advancement, the C-Type alternator range, ushers in a new epoch in power generation. Leveraging over seven decades of expertise, their groundbreaking methodology has sparked innovations that deliver concrete performance advantages for their clientele. Every facet and element has been meticulously reexamined, culminating in an avant-garde series of alternators.

MeccAlte maintains an unwavering dedication to the excellence of its products. Rigorous design standards are upheld across all manufacturing facilities, ensuring unwavering world-class quality across the spectrum.

Acknowledging the trend towards comprehensive power solutions, the company has recognised the escalating desire for a singular supply source. As a result, MeccAlte has expanded its range to encompass Gensets, Engine Controllers, and Battery Chargers. These extensions uphold the same excellence and quality synonymous with MeccAlte Alternators.

MeccAlte remains committed to fulfilling customer orders even after the Covid-19 era by embracing adaptable component bundles and a fresh product lineup. Collaborative endeavours are aimed at shared success as we navigate these times collectively.

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