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SDTRONICS’ quality and commitment deliver the  best products

SDTRONICS’ quality and commitment deliver the best products

December 13, 2022 2:35 pm

The company has a nationwide reach with almost 550+ customers and deals with 350+ types and lengths of cables and other major products in 8 categories.
SDTRONICS Pvt. Ltd. is an industrial automation cable manufacturing company that provides all types of cables for all brands of Servo Drives, Servo Motors, PLC, HMI, CNC & special purpose machines. Based out of Pune, our manufacturing unit has an in-house moulding facility spread across 10,000 sq. ft. Area and has two branches across India. The company and its employees strongly believe in Quality and Commitment. Our product basket includes Power and Encoder Cables for servo Motors and servo drives. Communication cables for PLC(s), HMI(s), and other products like I/O cables, Ethernet cables, Profinet cables, etc.
SDTRONICS was established in the year 1995 by Abhay D Brahme. It started with just one table, one soldering gun, and one person only! In 1995, our founder Abhay D. Brahme founded SDTRONICS despite having no financial flexibility. Abhay started it all with scraps. Looking at the future potential of the growing automation, he realised that there would be a massive demand for automation cables in the coming decade after 27 years. It is a proven fact, and we have become an enormous success!
In 1995 A.D. Brhame used to work on labour charges by providing PCB assembly and cable assembly services. He has always strived to give the best products with top customer service. Abhay was particular about time & quality management; He started SDTRONICS with a table, chair & a soldering gun. All of this was being operated in just a 10*10 sq. ft. area! He kept creating new milestones and inspiring his belongings and those who admired him. Soon, breaking his records became his favourite thing, and this habit kept giving him new milestones! Today the same passion can be seen in the second generation!
2017, the Second generation enters!
In Dec. 2017, Manojit Brahme decided to join his father’s business at the early age of 20. Manojit shared the same passion for creating a new milestone, going on an auto-pilot mode as his father.
Abhay’s beliefs were firm about making an organisation with more strong values and principles, and putting them in a live example, he let Manojit start his work from the very bottom of the organisational structure! Manojit began his work by working as a production line worker without any hesitation, and his curious mindset kept him always in a learning mode to know more about companies’ product lineups and management. He worked in each department to learn everything about how an organisation works.
Fast forward to 27 years since our inception
Today, SDTRONICS (P) LTD is a Pan India widespread enterprise with a factory area of almost 10,000 sq. ft., has a nationwide reach with almost 550+ proud customers, and deals with 350+ different types and lengths of cables and other major products in 8 different categories.
Having a long 27-year existence in the Industrial Automation field, we provide a wide range of cables from 2 core to 50 core which is available from 0.14 to 600 sq. mm. along with this, we also provide drag chain duty cables. Everything is provided as per international quality standards. We are so flexible with our customers that we even supply customised fabricated cables per their required length and drawing. We also have an extended product profile under which we offer allied products like Breaking Resistors, Chocks, EMI Filters, and High Wattage Special Cables, which range from 50KW to 200KW.
Leveraging State-of-the-art technology and a dexterous team of professionals, SDTRONICS Pvt. Ltd. is successfully catering to the requirements of our vast clientele. We proudly say that over 80 percent of our employee strength is women empowered. We embarked on our journey with a vision to establish a strong foothold in the domain of Industrial Automation Cables. Since 1995, we have emerged as a persistent and prominent manufacturer of automation cables for all Industrial Automation needs!

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